Honeycomb Bed 1300mm x 900mm


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Honeycomb Bed 1300mm x 900mm
Honeycomb Bed 1300mm x 900mm
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During the cutting process, the material requires support from underneath. If a designer’s artwork is very complex or a less rigid material is being cut (for example paper or fabric), a honeycomb bed is required to keep the material flat, the honeycomb also allows the heat and waste material, caused by the process to escape. The lightweight high-strength characteristics of aluminium make it ideal for this application.

Due to  the nature of repeat cutting, residue from the materials will build up over time on the aluminium honeycomb bed and the heat from the laser can cause these residues to transfer back onto the material being cut so ensure regular removal and cleaning of the honeycomb bed is completed. This is also why honeycomb beds with different cell sizes are used for different classes of material: plastic, wood, paper and card.


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