LaserBond 100 - Metal Marking Spray


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LaserBond 100 - Metal Marking Spray
LaserBond 100 - Metal Marking Spray

Product Description

LaserBond 100 is an all purpose laser bonding material for marking on almost all surfaces and materials and is ready to use as it comes from the can.  It is ethanol based which allows for a faster drying time.  It can be used on a variety of substrates including glass, ceramic and metals such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper, titanium, tin, nickel and many others.

- Shake the can well for about 1 minute before using

- For Best results, use between 50° and 90° F

- Clean the substrate so it is free of any type of contamination or oils

- Hold the can 10-12 inches from the substrate surface

- Apply an even and thin coating, using a side to side motion.  0.002″-0.003″ thick

- It is important to let the LaserBond 100 is allowed to completely dry and will air-dry in about 2 minutes

- Wash with water


Benefits of LaserBond 100

- A thin layer is required therefore the can will go further

- Shelf life begins from first use and is 2 years

- Huge value for money.  LBT100 is more cost effective than other brands


Please Click Here for a Paramater Guide you may find useful when using LaserBond 100.

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