Machine Installation

If you've purchased a Co2 laser machine on the internet, or through a third party supplier then we are here to help. We can offer a full machine installation service and you can rest assured that your machine has been calibrated and set it up by one of our professional engineers.​

Laser machines are sensitive equipment. When being manually handled during transportation the machines calibration of the tube, bed level and alignment along with other factors can be thrown out of tolerance which can cause you a lot of hassle when it comes time for you to install and set up your machine.​

Our fully trained engineers have years of experience in installing and setting up Co2 laser machines and they've seen it all. As well as getting a professional and hassle free installation, we like to help however we can and would be more than happy to advise you on useful tips to best utilise your machine and get the best end results out of your products as well as a quick run through on how to best maintain your machine.​

Why not also enquire about our servicing packages to make sure your laser has a fresh health check and is ready to go. We also offer various training & design courses that could greatly benefit you and ensure you can utilise your machine to it's full potential.