Servicing & Maintenance

If you have a CO2 laser machine we know it's not always possible to regularly maintain it as you should. Whether it's for business critical use or even strong hobbyist use you will benefit from our professional maintenance service to keep your machine working as intended.​

PLEASE NOTE  -  All servicing & call-outs are subject to travel costs and any parts required will be charged as extra.​

Schools and colleges are the future of our generations to come and typically have to run on a tight budget so we are proud to offer preferential service and maintenance rates for schools & colleges. ​


Servicing your machine is an important part of your weekly and monthly routine. In addition to this we recommend having a yearly maintenance agreement in place to ensure your machine is functioning as it should and to make you aware of any components that may need replacing. This will allow you to schedule machine repairs at a time that best suits you.​

After every service is completed we will provide our recommended service steps for your users to maintain the machine until we come back for the annual service again.​

Our annual service typically takes 90 minutes to complete, this includes -

Full laser alignment

Belts check & re-tension ( If required )

Full bed level adjustment

Overall machine health check and parts recommendation list

CO2 tube health check

Drain, flush & replace chiller water ( If required )

Check and clean all mirrors & lens

Check, clean and lubricate all linear rials & bearings

Check and test all safety and proximity sensors

Run test cut file to ensure quality​


Here at Laser Focus Systems we are happy to provide maintenance agreements for all PURE, MONSTER, PIRANHA & LaserTech CO2 Laser Machines as well as most Ruida based control system machines once an initial service has been carried out, other machines will be quoted for on an individual basis. Please feel free to ask any questions using our quick-chat feature or via email.

We offer 3 types of yearly maintenance agreements -


40 hours remote support, parts sourcing & 1 free call-out​


60 hours remote support, parts sourcing & 2 free call-outs​


70 hours remote support, parts sourcing, 3 free call-outs and annual service