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Your new machine will come with everything you need to get you up and running straight away.
The full training on the operation & maintenance of your new machine, as well as software training you will receive helpful tips and tricks to ensure you're able to fully utilise your new machine.

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Here you will find a few spare parts and accessories for your Co2 Laser Machine.

We have everything you need, ranging from consumable items such as Laser Tubes, Power Supply Units ( PSU ), Lens & Mirrors, to hardware items such as Stepper Drivers, Motors, Control Panels & Control Boards.

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Focused Laser


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What is a laser?

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a single colour beam of light which is used in materials processing for supplying heat energy - whether for laser cutting, laser engraving or altering the surface properties of a material. The laser light beam, when focused, provides an intense source of power for cutting, engraving/marking etc. and is a popular key method in modern technology for the manufacture of a huge range of products.

How can I choose the best machine for me?

There are three key questions to ask yourself when deciding on a machine:

What is your primary use (cutting, engraving etc.)?

Which materials are you looking to work with?

What size of material do you need to process?

What are the benefits of buying a laser machine?

Laser machines are a highly versatile method of altering the properties of materials - laser cutting, laser engraving, etching, marking etc.

Lasers are the ideal technology for working in a wide range of job types and applications. They can both cut and engrave a wide range of materials, giving you professional products in a few simple steps.

CO2 lasers offer you the ability to cut and engrave varying thicknesses of materials such as acrylic, MDF, plywood, paper/card and many, many more!

My laser machine isn’t cutting correctly / consistently ?

If your laser machine isn’t cutting as expected there are a few easy things you can check before getting in touch -

Focal height: Ensure the height from your lens to the material surface is correct, typically you would have a gauge to help confirm this distance but don’t worry if not, we are here to help.

Bed Level: If your laser machine bed isn’t level then this will effect your set focal height and your laser won't cut correctly across the bed once out of focus. The easiest way to check your machine bed is level is by using your focal gauge or something rigid to check the distance in all 4 corners of your machines bed, this will then confirm if your laser machines bed is sloping or unlevel. Please get in touch if you require some technical advice regarding getting your bed level.

Alignment: Your laser path alignment being correct is key to your machine performing as it should, this can misalign over time and we would be happy to send you an alignment guide or walk you through this process over the phone if you’d prefer.

Which lens is best for me ?

This will depend on what your main use is, either cutting or engraving. Most laser machines will come with a 2.5” focal length lens as this is great for both cutting and engraving.

A larger focal length lens will be better for cutting due to the focal plane being longer, this will also give less taper when cutting thicker materials.

A shorter focal length lens will give a finer focal point and therefore give better results when engraving but no matter the focal length of the lens you will still be able to engrave and cut with each lens.

If you would like a direct replacement for your previous focal lens but are unsure what this was we can help determine this. After setting your focal height to your material using your focal block, measure the distance from where your focal lens sits to your material surface. This will give you an approximate distance and should make it easier to select your focal lens.

Please do get in touch if you require any assistance with this, we are here to help.

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